Girl Tattoo Designs and Advice

                      Not only boys and men are into the trend of tattoos. Girls are along their way in exploring their bodies with the classy and brilliant girl tattoos downloadable from the internet. It is not an easy job for a girl or a woman to choose a tattoo that best suits their style and personality. Men have the fastest decision-making process when it comes to tattoos. However, for women, it is for sure that it would take them weeks or even months to think over, browse repeatedly and finally choose the perfect one for their body. For women or girls to be satisfied with the designs, the internet laid over a thousand of girl tattoo designs that perfectly match their personality. Well, for some men they do not really care much if their tattoo fits their character. As long as it goes with what they perceive cool and awesome, they are easily satisfied with the tattoo design but not for girls, because girls are so fussy and more conscious about the things that they do. Girl tattoo designs like butterfly is popular among girls. Most probably because of the butterfly's distinct feature somehow reflects the bearer's character. Butterfly is free, light and attractive. With its brilliant colors, their wings make the insect very adorable. Girls most likely put butterfly tattoo either on their shoulders or at the lower back. Rose design for a girl tattoo seems so perfect for it is the typical representation of women. This represents femininity, modesty and elegance. A woman can be soft like the rose and can be tricky and dangerous like its thorns. This might be the reason why girls pick the rose, especially with the natural red color. Other girl tattoos perfect for their glamorous and sexy bodies are the angel tattoo, star tattoo, dragonfly, heart tattoo and lower back tattoos. Although men for their striking and tough qualities mostly pick other tattoo designs, some women also have these designs. They are the tribal tattoo, cross tattoo, Japanese and Chinese characters and animal tattoos.