Hummingbird Tattoo - Your Perfect Feathered Friend in Ink

                     The hummingbird tattoo is a delicate feminine tattoo. Though it doesn't hold any traditional meaning the hummingbird tattoo can still be a great choice of addition for any tattoo enthusiast or tattoo virgin. So why should you consider adding a hummingbird tattoo to your body canvas? Birds have often been a favourite tattoo with eagles, swallows and hummingbirds coming out on top of the list. Where the other two top bird choices hold specific symbolism, the hummingbird tattoo can be a great choice because the symbolism is strictly yours. No one else will ever know without asking, which can make it a great conversation starter. Hummingbird tattoos are wonderful little feminine tattoos when accompanied by an array of vines and flowers across the lower back or speeding across the females lower stomach. These birds represent the small, sensual side of tattoos perfect for a girl seeking her first tattoo. Another great thing about this ink is that the colour are limitless. With the birds distinct figure, no matter the colours that are chosen it will still be known to everyone as a hummingbird. Bright magnificent colours can be used or even black and white. No matter the colouration this tattoo is done in it will be striking and beautiful and the perfect bird tattoo for the inked enthusiast.