The Koi Fish Tattoo - What Does it Mean

                      Maybe you are planning to use koi fish tattoo design on your arm for the ink you are planning to get not far from today. Or maybe you have someone close to you with this type of tattoo. In any case you are reading this article now because you want to know the meaning of these tattoos. Koi fish tattoos have numerous meanings. The bullets below are just some of them. The koi fish in Japan is seen as lively and flamboyant as the colors of this animal are very alive and robust. They are also seen as very persistent and strong in the masculine sense as this animal, much like its cousin the salmon, struggles against strong water currents to go upstream to feed and breed. Due to this, this fish also best symbolizes facing challenges head on and trying to overcome unfavorable situations by sheer hard work and perseverance. Koi's homophone is romantic love. So if you are a romantic and a sappy person, but you show a rather strong and masculine exterior, then you may want to sport this type of tattoo. These tattoos also symbolize luck in all aspects. Japanese tattoos of koi symbolize luck by having strength and power while the Chinese use it as a symbol for money and wealth.